WATCH: When UFC’s Ryan Hall handled an unhinged guy with absolute class during dinner

In recent years, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has become a popular form of self-defense, thanks to its effectiveness in controlling and subduing an opponent without resorting to drastic outcomes. One incident that demonstrates this is the encounter between Ryan Hall, owner of Fifty/50 BJJ and a highly accomplished BJJ competitor, and an unhinged man at a pizzeria.

During dinner with friends, a man approached Ryan’s table and asked for a lighter. When informed that the table consisted of non-smokers, the man became agitated and started behaving erratically, even threatening one of the diners.

Ryan was quick to recognize the potential danger and remained calm, watching the man closely. He was concerned that the man might have something on him and was determined to prevent any escalation of the situation.

Ryan used his knowledge of BJJ to control the situation, without throwing a single punch. He first subdued the man and then, in a second encounter, shut off his lights. The video of the incident showcases the effectiveness of BJJ in self-defense, highlighting the fact that it is a humane and legal way to end a confrontation.

The incident highlights the importance of self-defense training, especially in situations where things can escalate unexpectedly. Self-defense training, such as BJJ, can help individuals control and subdue an opponent.

In Ryan’s case, he was able to defuse the situation without anyone getting injured, intentionally or accidentally. He was focused on the safety of his group, which included women, children, and individuals with health issues, ensuring that they were protected from harm.

Ryan’s handling of the situation demonstrates the real skill of martial artist, which is to defuse a situation without anyone getting hurt. This is a vital lesson for individuals who may find themselves in similar situations.

It is essential to recognize potential danger and be prepared to take necessary action to ensure everyone’s safety.

The incident at the pizzeria demonstrates how self-defense training is essential in today’s world, where unexpected situations can arise. It is important to stay vigilant and recognize potential danger, taking necessary action to ensure everyone’s safety.