WATCH: Bodybuilder tries to Dojo storm a BJJ gym and gets his behind handed to him

Dojo storm videos frequently go viral.

This next case has a complicated back story behind it.

While it was initially portrayed as a BJJ challenge, it turns out there was more to the story.

It all started at a supermarket when the bodybuilder, under the mistaken belief that the instructor was someone else, punched him in the back of the head. From there, tensions escalated as the bodybuilder continued to insult the instructor, claiming to be a professional mixed martial artist and threatening.

The video, begins with the confrontation already in progress, with the coach, dominating the situation. A conversation unfolds between them.

Bodybuilder: “I’m exhausted. Finish me if you want.”
Coach: “No, you’re going to keep fighting.”
Bodybuilder: “I’m completely drained.”
Coach: “I don’t care.”

Following textbook techniques, the coach transitions from the top side to mount, then to back mount, applying a RNCĀ  until the bodybuilder taps out. However, the coach doesn’t stop there.

Disregarding the tap, the coach doesn’t fully release the submission, causing the bodybuilder to go out momentarily. Eventually, the coach unleashes a series of stomps and soccer kicks on the larger opponent, resembling the rules seen in PRIDE.

Eventually, the coach ceases the assault and allows the bodybuilder to stand up. They exchange a fist bump. The bodybuilder offers an apology, and the coach states, “Return as a changed person, and we can be best friends, but not today.” The man staggers outside and sits on the pavement, seemingly trying to regain his composure and remember his own name.

It is important to note that the video captured only the final moments that lasted approximately 30 minutes. Prior to the grappling portion seen in the video, both individuals engaged in a stand-up exchange.

The transition to the ground occurred after the instructor suffered a facial cut and a leg injury, prompting him to utilize his Vale Tudo experience to protect himself and prevent further harm.