Kade Ruotolo: Gordon Ryan match would be “effortless”, the only thing that makes his BJJ work is his size

Gordon Ryan has had a target on his back for quite some time. The ADCC winner has been extremely controversial for years. But most BJJ competitors don’t question his technical knowledge, after all, most of his wealth is due to instructional sales.

But despite of ONE FC’s policy of avoiding trash talk, seems that targeting Ryan makes for fun headlines.

Perhaps this prompted Ruotolo to deliver the following to SCMP’s Nick Atkin:

” I mean, obviously, it’s a ster**d side effects, things like that.” -Ruotolo said when questioned about Ryan’s recent medical emergency.

“You know, you get so big and then, you know, all these antibiotics, it’s not you know, it’s just completely wrecked his stomach and other things. So to me, you know, I just don’t think how can you possibly be talking when you’re – he looks 200lbs right now. You know what I mean? Like, I think I’d be able to right now if he were to go against a match for my brother, I think it’d be effortless.”

“You know what I mean? I think the only thing that makes his jiu-jitsu work is his size. You know, if you look at his size right now, I don’t even think that I mean, you know, everyone has different things going on, but he has the same body type he has before. He took all these different ster**ds.”

“His first fight against Felipe Pena, he looks like now. You know what I mean? So to me, it’s not even like, oh, you got to this huge sickness or this, no-  just like he’s off cycle.”

Meanwhile Ryan blasted requests for PED testing in BJJ saying that most of the athletes demanding these tests can’t even justify the cost.

Ryan wrote, “People – Jiu-Jitsu needs random testing.” He continued, “Sick, you paying for it? Because these athletes with cardboard box personalities aren’t bringing in enough cash to support testing. The testing would literally cost more than the athletes generate hahahha.”

This story was prompted by UFC revealing they shelled out around $7,000,000 for testing including $70,000 just for Jiri Procazhka.