WATCH: Gordon Ryan claims he invented high wrist guillotine, praises UFC star for pulling it off

Gordon Ryan is widely regarded as one of the greatest submission grapplers and BJJ practitioners in the world.

He recently made waves praising the performance of Mike Malott in the UFC. Malott submitted Adam Fugit with a rarely seen guillotine demonstration.

Ryan went on to add:


Known for his exceptional talent and numerous achievements in the world of no-gi grappling, the 27-year-old Ryan has been an influential figure in the sport since his debut in 2011. With an impressive track record consisting of 153 wins, 9 losses, and 3 draws, Ryan has established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

However, Ryan’s recent absence from competition has been due to his ongoing battle with a severe illness. He underwent tonsillectomy surgery and experienced complications with his throat, which led to a significant decrease in his training and physical condition.

In the brief clip, Ryan was seen demonstrating a technique with his partner.

“We have a low elbow guillotine and a high elbow guillotine, you have a power guillotine, you have a figure four guillotine, we have a high wrist guillotine right? So so there’s different guillotine variations. So when you go arm in guillotine, it gives you the best connection you can possibly have to your opponent. But it’s pretty hard to finish it off in mechanics or s*itty.”

“If you have a a high elbow guillotine, like so, now you get a lot of strangling power or my hand comes up high and you bring your elbow high. You get a lot of strangling power, but you can just reach over my elbow. Over my elbow, pull it down and then converted to a low. ”

“So my question is, how can I keep a connection, the same connection as I have with an arm in guillotine and getting that the strangling power of a high elbow guillotine without having her be able to just reach over with a defensive hand and pull my elbow down.”

Ryan proceeds to detail his own guillotine variation and explain why he considers it superior.

The video spread rapidly on social media platforms, generating a buzz within the grappling community and beyond. It highlighted the enduring appeal of Gordon Ryan and his ability to engage fans, even when the focus momentarily shifts from his remarkable grappling prowess.

While the video’s viral success may have been somewhat unintentional, it serves as a testament to Ryan’s growing influence and popularity. Despite his ongoing health challenges, he continues to captivate audiences and maintain a strong presence in the grappling world.