ADCC adds 55kg division for women

ADCC has recently made a significant announcement regarding the female weight categories for the upcoming 2024 ADCC World Championship season.

In a post on their official Instagram page, ADCC revealed that they have introduced a third weight division, adding more opportunities for female competitors to showcase their skills on the world stage.

Traditionally, ADCC had only two female weight categories: under 60kg and over 60kg. However, with the upcoming season, they have expanded their offerings to include a new 55kg weight category. This modification opens up doors for some of the most talented and accomplished female grapplers to compete in a weight class that better suits their capabilities.

The revised female weight categories for the 2024 ADCC World Championship season are as follows:

  1. 55kg
  2. under 65kg
  3. over 65kg

The introduction of the 55kg category specifically addresses the needs of athletes who have often found themselves at a disadvantage in the 60kg divisions due to being outsized.

It could be argued that ADCC actually should’ve added 75kg division instead due to the fact that 65+ covers everyone from Natalie DeJesus to Gabi Garcia (who is massive).

Garcia is one of the only two competitors to ever win 4 gold medals at ADCC, the other being Marcelo Garcia.

Notably, the modification of the existing weight categories brings an intriguing dynamic to the established ADCC athletes. They will now face the decision of either cutting an additional 5kg to fit into a lower weight division or challenging themselves by moving up 5kg in weight for the upcoming ADCC Worlds in 2024. This alteration presents a fresh challenge for these seasoned competitors, adding excitement to their preparation and strategic planning for the championship.

ADCC first introduced female weight categories in 2005, initially including four weight divisions: 55kg, 60kg, under 67kg, and over 67kg. In 2009, ADCC consolidated the female categories to two divisions, which remained in place until the 2022 World Championships. Now, after 15 years, ADCC has decided to modify their weight format to better accommodate the diverse talents and skills of female grapplers.

The announcement of these changes has generated immense anticipation within the grappling community.