Nicky Rod calls out Gordon Ryan, asks for USADA testing, Ryan responds

Nick Rodriguez won an 8 men tournament at UFC FP Invitational 4 last night. Rodriguez made it through the bracket and edged out an overtime victory over New Wave’s Dan Manasoiu.

“In addition, we got this. You see this physique, right? We got this guy, this guy named Gordon Ryan. They keep accusing me of being on ster0ids right. So let’s do this. Let’s do this. All the accusations. Let’s go to a 10 minute match EBI over time. And but but with a catch. let’s both pass USADA dr*g test before and after competition.”

“Pretty fair, right? He’s accusing. I’m showing up and competing. Let’s get it done.”

Ryan addressed the call out during the presser afterwards:

“I mean, everybody wants a payday, right? So I mean, like you’re all competing in it for sure. But it’s going to be in a tournament where he gets no relevancy off my name and he doesn’t make any money for losing to me a third time in a row.”

“So. So, yeah, I mean, I’m sure, I’m sure we’ll compete again. But, you know, he’s like, oh, I want to face them, you know, trying to make the rules like your brown belts. You won a random tournament you couldn’t even beat, like you barely beat Roberto Jimenez, the guy I called my submission on mounted armbar, I’m gonna go out and hit a mounted armbar.”

“You barely beat that guy, and he’s 40 pounds lighter than you, so you don’t call the shots and you’re not making any more money off my name, so I’ll compete against it for sure. There’s going to be another time, you know, a time in the future where we will compete like ADCC.”

“And that’ll be me just going out embarrassing him again and he won’t get any recognition or money from losing to me because I have to understand, when guys compete against me, they make two or three times as much as they usually work competing elsewhere. So Nicky right has literally no money. So calling me out is the easiest way to actually make some money and move out of my sauna and actually buy himself a house or, you know, rent an apartment or whatever he wants to do.”

“So, yeah. And hey, I figured that was coming because, you know, that team relies on just the relevancy of me and talking about me to stay relevant themselves. So I’m not really surprised that happened. And coming off of the performance that he had, like just doing nothing, not being able to take down Roberto, like not doing anything to Roberto in regulation, barely winning overtime, not really doing anything of significance with Vagner having like a pretty tightly contested overtime until he strangled them, then getting his arm broken by Dan, who’s a purple belt and then wanted to call me.”

“I was like, Dude, just stop. Is just that just a joke? I’m assuming you want to impress them with his specification that you saw it. It needed to be involved. You both had to pass. You saw the testing before and after the any potential competition. Well, first of all, no, because the ster*ids are not illegal in jitsu. Number two, I actually have a contract coming to Nicky Rod for USADA and WADA testing from now until the next ADCC.”

“So interesting to see if he’s in a sign that. But yeah, like like I said, I make the rules. I name the time, I name the place, I named the ruleset because I’ve earned that because I actually can win matches like Nicky. Right? Winning three matches in a row is actually impressive because like, he’s literally never done it before.”

Meanwhile Craig Jones played it funny and declared himself the pound for pound goat:

” Well, I mean, I think given Felipe is the pound for pound best grappler alive right now, taking him out, I believe firmly puts me at number one.”

“And really, it’s hard for me to see anything else to do in this book, because what else is there to accomplish when you’re the number one grappler? Are we going to take on Santa Claus? So we’re going to jinx. It is. You know, it’s tricky, right? ”