UFC FP Invitational 4 Results and Highlights

The much-anticipated UFC FP Invitational 4 is set to captivate fans in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event delivered thrilling grappling action and a chance for one competitor to win a remarkable $30,000 cash prize.

Main Event — Pena vs. Jones

The highlight of Thursday night’s event is the headlining matchup between Felipe Pena and Craig Jones. These two exceptional grapplers have amassed over 200 victories combined and have distinguished themselves with an ADCC gold medal and multiple ADCC silver medals.

Surprisingly, despite their illustrious careers, Pena and Jones have never crossed paths in competition.

Craig Jones defeated Felipe Pena via Fastest Escape Time

Co-Main Event — Smith vs. Teixeira

The co-main event features a rematch between Anthony Smith and former UFC light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira. Their first encounter in 2020 garnered attention for the punishment Smith endured throughout the MMA bout. While some criticized the referee’s decision not to stop the action earlier, Smith controversially defended the late stoppage.

Now, in a grappling match, Smith seeked revenge against the former champion.

Glover Teixeira defeated Anthony Smith via Unanimous Decision

Three more matches plus tournament

Nicholas Meregali, a gold medalist at the World Championship and Brazilian National Championship, faced Cyborg Abreu, a well-known figure in the jiu-jitsu community with numerous accolades.


Nicholas Meregali defeated Cyborg Abreu via Armbar (Overtime)

Roman Bravo-Young vs. Alex Perez Ends in a Time Limit Draw

Helena Crevar defeated Emily Fernandez via RNC at 7:26

The Absolute Tournament

The Absolute Tournament, a highly anticipated openweight division, promises more intense competition. Competitors will vie for a chance to claim the $30,000 cash prize by securing three victories.

The opening match features Dan Manasoiu, the No.1 seed and a purple belt, against Gabriel Arges, a three-time IBJFF World champion. On the other side of the bracket, Vagner Rocha, a UFC veteran and ADCC medalist, will face Felipe Andrew, the current IBJJF World champion. The tournament also features Nicky Rodriguez, a former ADCC medalist, and Roberto Jimenez, who emerged as the winner in the 2022 ADCC South America Trials.


Absolute Tournament Quarterfinals

Nicky Rodriguez defeated Roberto Jimenez via Fastest Escape Time

Vagner Rocha defeated Fellipe Andrew via Inside Heel Hook

Fedor Nikolov defeated Haisam Rida via Fastest Escape Time

Dan Manasoiu defeated Gabriel Arges via Heel Hook


Nicky Rodriguez defeated Vagner Rocha via RNC (Overtime)

Dan Manasoiu defeated Fedor Nikolov via Kneebar


Nicky Rodriguez defeated Dan Manasoiu via RNC (Overtime)