ADCC Amateur World Championships Coming to Poland in 2024

Exciting news for grappling fans! The prestigious ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) championships are set to organize an amateur World Championship in Poland. While details about the upcoming Amateur World Championships ADCC are still limited, the event is scheduled for May 2024, with Warsaw being the likely host city.

The countdown to the ADCC 2024 has begun, with approximately 13 months left until the highly anticipated event. Recently, the federation confirmed the venue for the championships—an impressive and modern arena, the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. With a seating capacity of up to 18,000, ADCC 2024 is expected to draw a massive crowd.

Although the ADCC World Championships will be held in August 2023, the first tickets will be up for grabs as early as September 16, 2023 The initial European trials will take place at the Arena UrsynĂłw, where winners of the PRO divisions will secure their tickets to Las Vegas.

It’s worth noting that female winners in the PRO categories will not receive tickets to the ADCC 2024 World Championships.

Recently, there has been buzz about a new format for the ADCC competitions. The Amateur World Championships ADCC will be held in Poland, featuring a different structure compared to the PRO events.

The tournament will focus exclusively on divisions for beginners, intermediate-advanced, and advanced-level competitors (without the use of leg locks in any of these divisions). This could offer an intriguing alternative for athletes who prefer not to compete in matches where heel hooks are permitted.

Additionally, the tournament will also include divisions for children, allowing young grapplers to showcase their skills.

Previously ADCC announced the addition of another division for females. ADCC introduced a new 55kg weight category for female competitors in the 2024 ADCC World Championship season.

The revised female weight categories for 2024 are 55kg, under 65kg, and over 65kg.

The addition of the 55kg category benefits athletes who have struggled in the 60kg divisions.

Gabi Garcia and Marcelo Garcia are the only two competitors to have won 4 gold medals at ADCC. Gordon Ryan has a solid chance to join their club.

ADCC initially introduced female weight categories in 2005, later consolidating them to two divisions in 2009.

The changes have created excitement and anticipation in the grappling community.