WATCH: Local BJJ tournament ends in slugfest between competitors


In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, hitting opponents is strictly prohibited, as the primary objective of the sport is to utilize leverage and technique to force opponents to submit. However, in this particular tournament, an unexpected incident occurred, leading to a chaotic group scrap.

During a recent BJJ tournament, two competitors engaged in a heated match, and their conflict escalated to the point where they ended up striking at each other. This incident triggered a group scrap among their respective supporters.

A video of the incident quickly went viral on the internet. The one-minute footage was captured by a spectator’s mobile phone camera and focused on the match in question.

From the outset, the two competitors displayed aggressive behavior, and tensions were high among the audience or supporters. Suddenly, one of the competitors resorted to a literal punch against their opponent. The opponent retaliated, nearly escalating the situation into an all-out brawl, but the referee swiftly intervened, halting the match. This unexpected behavior left everyone at the tournament surprised.

As emotions ran high, some audience members attempted to attack the aggressive competitor, while another group tried to restrain them, resulting in a lot of pushing and shoving. Although the situation initially seemed under control, it quickly spiraled out of hand when one person lunged and took down another.

Chaos ensued from that point onward, making it difficult for the person recording the incident to capture a clear view of what was happening. Many people crowded in front of the camera, further obscuring the scene. One thing was certain is that the scuffle intensified, putting everyone’s safety at risk.

Group brawls like this pose a serious danger because those involved are often fueled by anger and can lash out at random individuals. In this particular case, the person who dived into the fray even attacked a tournament staff member who was attempting to break up the scuffle.