WATCH: Caged Grappling competition features epic slam

Slams have long been a topic of controversy in the world of MMA and BJJ, and various competitions have set specific limitations to ensure the safety of competitors. While the unified rules of MMA allow for a range of techniques, certain types of slams are restricted to prevent potential injuries.

In grappling competitions, organizations like the IBJJF have established clear boundaries to define what constitutes a slam. The focus is on promoting skillful techniques while safeguarding participants from harm. Even prestigious events like ADCC have their own set of limitations, allowing slams in specific situations, such as escaping a submission attempt.

However, the enforcement of these rules is not always consistent across all promotions. Some events may overlook the guidelines in an effort to popularize BJJ, leading to legally problematic situations.

For instance, a previous incident involving Flograppling and Orlando Sanchez resulted in a civil lawsuit after Sanchez was not penalized or disqualified for a slam that caused injury to his opponent.

Despite these controversies, a recent video from EFC 33 has captured the attention of the grappling community. The event, held in Kyrgyzstan, featured a thrilling match between Marsel Isabek uulu and Bekzod Urinboev. The bout culminated in an electrifying kneebar submission at 1:50 of Round 3.

During the match, there was a notable slam that added intensity to the showdown. It’s worth noting that the EFC 33 grappling competition appears to have a different ruleset compared to other organizations, allowing for more liberal use of certain techniques.

The video of the slam quickly went viral, sparking discussions among MMA and BJJ enthusiasts worldwide. While some praised the excitement and raw intensity displayed in the match, others raised concerns about the safety implications of allowing such maneuvers.

As the sport of BJJ continues to evolve and gain popularity, the issue of slams and their regulation remains a subject of debate. Finding the right balance between thrilling spectators and ensuring the well-being of athletes is crucial for the future of the sport.