Gordon Ryan targeting BJJ return at UFC invitational later this year

Gordon Ryan has been one of the most popular people in BJJ, and one of the rare names to break out of the niche and be recognized by a wider audience.

Ryan achieved this with a unique combination of technical jiu-jitsu and viral marketing. But despite being just 28, he’s had extensive health issues that have made it difficult for him to compete at the highest level.

By age 27, he’s retired from the sport twice in an attempt to alleviate his ailments. He’s particularly affected by stomach issues, especially those that are a result of the over exposure to antibiotics.

But it looks like Ryan has put his medical issues to bed once again after undergoing a tonsilectomy earlier this year following a lengthy throat infection.

He is planning to return to BJJ competition later this year, a UFC Invitational even that will also be featuring UFC great, Georges St Pierre.

“I just have to filming some instructional right now. But once I finish that, then we’ll be back into a routine and then I’m hoping to come back to do an October card and then I’m hoping to headline that a fight pass invitational in December with Georges and do Co-main and main event.” – Ryan told TJ Desantis on a podcast.

In addition to this, Ryan discussed a variety of topics including the problematic relationship BJJ has with PED testing.

” If USADA comes in and tests everyone across the board, then it makes sense because, because everyone’s being tested, but there’s not one governing body in particular that controls everything. ”

“So in order for USADA to come into one championship, into flo, into fightpass, into all the organizations, into ADCC, which will never (happen)…”

“ADCC is publicly said, we’re never testing. So it doesn’t really make sense for them to do that. I think you’re kind of just shooting yourself in the foot.”

“If you bring USADA into like a fight pass invitational, because people¬†will just start not competing.”