B team set to replace New Wave at Quintet – and they’re sending in the Senior team

Quintet has announced that the B-Team will take the place of Team New Wave in the upcoming event. The switch comes after Team New Wave had to withdraw due to an injury, leaving fans and competitors alike speculating about the reasons behind the decision.

The rumors started when a redditor revealed that Team New Wave would not be participating in Quintet, allegedly due to coach John Danaher pulling the entire team.

At the time, there was no official confirmation to back up the claims, but a recent video released by Sakuraba seems to confirm the news.

According to reports, Team New Wave was forced to back out of the competition because of an injury to one of their members. Instead of finding a replacement, the entire team decided to withdraw from the event. Some speculate that the decision was influenced by Danaher’s desire to protect the team’s reputation.

The redditor who leaked the news also blamed Danaher, calling him a bully and a toxic person. They claimed that a “junior” team member was heartbroken after Danaher had a meltdown and decided to pull the team. Danaher has been known to use the titles “Junior” and “Senior” to distance himself from team members who have experienced losses, a practice that has been criticized by athletes like Craig Jones.

With Team New Wave out of the picture, B-Team has stepped up to take their place. The Austin, TX-based team made the announcement on their Instagram, sharing a Chicago Bulls-style entrance video that showcased their lineup. The team consists of Craig Jones, Nick Rodriguez, Nicky Ryan, Jozef Chen, and Jacob Rodriguez.

Quintet president Kazushi Sakuraba confirmed the replacement, stating that Team New Wave had to withdraw due to an injury that left them unable to field a complete team in time for the event.

Quintet operates as a team-on-team match, where competitors need to stay under a certain total limit. The athletes will continue to compete until they lose or fight to a draw, which means that one athlete could potentially defeat an entire team single-handedly.

As the B-Team prepares to take on the challenge, other teams are also gearing up for the event. Team Polaris, Team 10th Planet, and Team Sakuraba are set to participate in the Quintet 4, promising an action-packed competition.

The Quintet format has garnered attention and popularity among MMA enthusiasts, and the upcoming event is highly anticipated. With new teams and unexpected twists, Quintet 4 is sure to deliver thrilling and intense matchups. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the clash of talents as these teams go head-to-head in a battle for supremacy on the mat.