Parents blast Security Guard who was reluctant to interfere in filmed bullying incident

At Baldwin Park High School in California, a 16-year-old girl suffered facial injuries during a bathroom brawl, with an alleged security guard spectator who reportedly “stood by, smiled, and did nothing” to halt the incident. The event, which occurred on October 18, was captured in a viral video, revealing a upseting lack of intervention.

The footage portrays the junior student being punched in the face while her assailant, another female student, forcefully grabs her long hair.The security guard, identified as “Mando,” is seen smiling as he stands behind the students, not intervening to stop the altercation.

Brian Claypool, the lawyer representing the girl and her family, suggests the security guard may have been complicit in the incident. He raises concerns about the possibility of the attack being planned, given the number of students present in the bathroom during the incident.

The mother promptly called the police, and upon arriving at the school, she was reportedly informed by the principal that he had no knowledge of the incident. Allegations include a lack of medical attention provided to the injured girl by school officials.

Claypool has filed a claim for damages against the school district, the initial step before pursuing legal action against a public entity. The Baldwin Park Unified School District stated that the safety of students is their highest priority but refrained from commenting further on potential litigation.

The school district has a 60-day window to respond to the claim before the family can proceed with a lawsuit. Claypool emphasizes the severe injuries suffered by his teen client, including a possible fractured nose, leading to the decision to homeschool her due to mental trauma.

The attorney urges the Los Angeles County District Attorney to review the case to assess potential criminal liability for the security guard. Claypool argues that the guard’s inaction could be construed as aiding and abetting a crime, holding him accountable for facilitating the assault.

This incident adds to the concerning trend of serious school incidents resulting in significant injuries to students nationwide. The disturbing lack of intervention by the security guard raises questions about the responsibility of school staff in ensuring the safety and well-being of students.