WATCH: Brawl breaks out between Boca Juniors and Fluminense fans in Brazil

A chaotic scene unfolded on Copacabana Beach as Boca Juniors and Fluminense fans clashed, leaving one Boca supporter arrested for allegedly throwing bottles at police. The brawl, captured in footage shared on social media, featured dozens of individuals from rival fan groups engaging in physical altercations.

This incident took place just days before the two teams, Boca Juniors and Fluminense, are scheduled to face off in the Copa Libertadores final in Rio de Janeiro. The Boca Juniors fans had traveled across South America from Argentina to Brazil for the much-anticipated match.

The altercation reportedly occurred in a designated ‘fan zone’ on the beach, where the atmosphere had initially been friendly. However, it quickly escalated into a confrontation that necessitated police intervention.

In another troubling development, a Boca Juniors fan was allegedly arrested for kicking a dog and attempting to attack another person during the brawl.

The video footage circulating on social media depicted a seemingly peaceful scene on the beach before the sudden eruption of violence. Fans were seen strolling on the beach before a group of people sprinted across the sand, triggering a series of physical confrontations.

As the situation grew intense, emergency control vehicles arrived at the scene, suggesting that authorities responded to restore order.

The motives behind the brawl remain unclear, as it is uncertain whether one group of fans initiated the attack against the other.

This disturbing incident adds an element of tension to the upcoming Copa Libertadores final, with both Boca Juniors and Fluminense vying for victory. The competition, similar to Europe’s Champions League, features prominent players like Edinson Cavani and Marcelo, and it is expected to draw significant attention as it unfolds at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as fans hope for a safe and successful Copa Libertadores final, free from the disturbances seen on Copacabana Beach.