WATCH: Men in uniform throw down trying to solve dispute the old school way

A viral video capturing a chaotic incident featuring uniformed individuals engaged in a UFC-style scrap has taken the internet by storm. The footage of this intense clashhas garnered widespread attention across social media platforms and ignited a debate on the credibility of men in uniform.

The video depicts a gripping showdown between a police officer and a paramedic in a parking lot, with the identity of the two remaining undisclosed.

The incident’s resemblance to professional MMA bouts, particularly in the UFC, drew viewers in. However, some noted that the combatants lacked the refined skills of professional stars like Max Holloway, Justin Gaethje, Michael Chandler, and Eddie Alvarez.

In the video, the paramedic and the policeman engage in an intense exchange, with the officer delivering a powerful punch that sends the paramedic to the ground. The paramedic then endures a series of ground strikes in a chaotic display.

Despite the entertainment factor, it has raised concerns about the conduct of uniformed individuals. Social media users have flooded the comments section of the video with memes and trolls, generating a mix of reactions. The video’s humor is evident, but it also fuels discussions on the behavior of men in uniform.

While the incident has gone viral, many details about the incident remain unknown. Speculation about the context and reasons behind the brawl abounds. It remains to be seen whether law enforcement will take any action regarding this incident.