WATCH: Mikey Musumeci triangle/armbars Jarred Brooks

In a captivating co-main event at ONE FN13, grappling virtuoso Mikey Musumeci successfully defended his ONE flyweight grappling belt against strawweight MMA champion Jarred ‘The Monkey God’ Brooks. The encounter highlighted Musumeci’s exceptional grappling prowess against Brooks’ wrestling and grappling-oriented approach.

Despite Brooks’ mixed martial arts background, the odds were stacked heavily against him due to Musumeci’s reputation as one of the world’s premier grapplers. Musumeci had secured an impressive winning streak and remained undefeated in ONE Championship, with two prior successful defenses of his submission grappling title.

The fight began with Musumeci taking the initiative, aggressively moving forward to engage with Brooks. His strategy was to pull guard on his smaller opponent, and he skillfully manipulated angles and grips to control the match’s tempo. Musumeci’s dynamic movements showcased his expertise, as he transitioned from rubber guard attempts to leg attacks.

Brooks remained composed in the face of Musumeci’s offensive maneuvers, defending against various submission attempts and settling into Musumeci’s guard. Despite Brooks’ attempts to control from the top position, Musumeci continued to invert and attack with leg locks, displaying his versatility on the ground.

The referee recognized Musumeci’s continuous submission attempts and eventually called a reset when the action seemed to stall. After briefly returning to the feet, Musumeci swiftly pulled guard once more, creating angles to set up a triangle. Although Brooks valiantly resisted, Musumeci’s technique was relentless.

Transitioning smoothly, Musumeci shifted to an arm lock, forcing Brooks to defend. Recognizing the opportunity, Musumeci seamlessly transitioned into a triangle-armbar combination. Under the pressure of the submission, Brooks was left with no choice but to tap out, conceding victory to Musumeci.

The victory solidified Musumeci’s dominance at 135 lbs in ONE Championship, marking his third successful title defense. In a gracious post-fight interview, he expressed his respect for Brooks and his regret about the referee’s decision to stand them up during a pivotal moment. Musumeci was awarded a performance bonus of $50,000 for his exceptional submission performance, and he hinted at future endeavors without revealing specifics.