WATCH: Georges St Pierre trains BJJ with Lex Fridman

Georges St-Pierre, aka “GSP,” is a legendary figure in MMA.

GSP started with Kyokushin karate and diversified his training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and boxing, forming the foundation for his successful career.

He joined UFC in 2004, renowned for his grappling, wrestling, and striking skills, as well as his strategic style.

Achievements include being a two-division champion, holding UFC Welterweight and Middleweight Championships, having one of the longest welterweight title reigns, and defeating notable opponents like Matt Hughes, BJ Penn, and Michael Bisping.

GSP is recognized for his sportsmanship, respect, and impact on mainstreaming MMA, temporarily retiring in 2013 but returning to win the middleweight title in 2017.

Beyond the octagon, he’s a role model and an aspiring actor.

He was also tapped by Elon Musk to help him prepare for Zuckerberg match if it were to materialize. Recently Georges St Pierre had the pleasure of BJJ black belt and scientist Lex Fridman joining him for a roll session during which he helped Fridman improve his skills.

Fridman has substantial experience in BJJ, but of course, he’s not a world class competitor. In fact, he gets offended by people mentioning he’s a hobbyist.

Fridman holds a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Rick and Phil Migliarese.

The fan disclosed that Fridman had trained at the same gym on multiple occasions and they even had the opportunity to spar together.

Fridman got interesting lessons from GSP about applying BJJ in an MMA type context. The two even reflected on training with Elon Musk going on to say:

“(he’s) got a lot of heart, he’s very tough. ” – St Pierre started.

With John Danaher adding: “So I’ve always found that, like by far and away, the most important thing two people get into a clash of skill level trumps everything else in terms of what’s going to determine the outcome skill. These are skill. That’s not to say other things aren’t relevant, but skill is more relevant.”

“From what I understand, he’s proposed opponent has almost two years of training. That’s a big advantage. So it would be an uphill battle. ”