WNO19 Results: Meregali submits Kaynan Duarte, Felipe Pena coasts to victory

The latest installment of WNO in WNO 19 has brought together a constellation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu stars.

The spotlight of WNO 19 was on Nicholas Meregali and Kaynan Duarte.

Nicholas Meregali is currently making waves in the no-gi scene after a successful journey in the gi. He stepped into the arena to face the formidable Kaynan Duarte, a world champion in both gi and no-gi realms. Adding to his accolades, Duarte holds the distinction of being the recent ADCC champion at 99 kg.

The star-studded BJJ extravaganza at WNO 19 also featured Ffion Davies against Jasmine Rocha. Moreover, Dante Leon faced Ethan Crelinsten.

The event’s lineup is further enriched by the participation of BJJ luminaries including Nicky Ryan, Andrew Tackett, and Felipe Pena, each competing in separate matches.

  • Nicholas Meregali secures victory against Kaynan Duarte via arm triangle (12:47) in the Heavyweight division.


  • Ffion Davies emerges victorious over Jasmine Rocha through unanimous decision, retaining her Flyweight title.



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  • Dante Leon triumphs against Ethan Crelinsten via head and arm RNC from the back (8:06), clinching the Lightweight title.
  • Felipe Pena subdues Haisam Rida with a RNC (9:21) in the Heavyweight category.
  • Nicky Ryan emerges victorious over Rene Sousa with a unanimous decision in the Welterweight division.
  • Andrew Tackett secures victory against Troy Russell with a RNC (1:53) in the Welterweight category.

Preliminary Bout Highlights:

  • Oliver Taza outperforms Sebastian Rodriguez through unanimous decision in the Middleweight division.
  • Carlos Henrique clinches victory over Ben Eddy via unanimous decision in the Featherweight division.
  • Helena Crevar secures a win over Healy Dayan with a heel hook in the Featherweight category.
  • Achilles Rocha emerges victorious over JB Bechtloff via Toehold in the Middleweight division.