WATCH: BJJ competitor unexpectedly gets knocked out

In a surprising twist during a recent Brazilian jiu-jitsu match, spectators were taken aback when a competitor found himself knocked out, a rare occurrence in the realm of BJJ.

BJJ, primarily focused on grappling techniques rather than striking, typically sees low instances of knockouts due to its nature. However, as with any sport, unpredictability remains a constant, and this recent incident left everyone bewildered.

There was an instance at Berkut BJJ of another competitor getting knocked out but this was widely considered a fluke.

The match featured two competitors adorned in black and white rash guards engaging in a seemingly routine bout. Intense grappling characterized the early stages, with both competitors showcasing a balanced skill level. Yet, the unexpected unfolded amid the match’s intensity.

The competitor in white assumed a defensive stance in an open guard position, while his counterpart in black adopted an offensive strategy to gain an advantage. As the competitor in white raised his legs to maintain distance, the competitor in black successfully maneuvered to the top position. However, the turn of events occurred suddenly.

In an unexpected twist, the competitor in black lost consciousness abruptly, rolling to the side and lying flat on his back—completely knocked out. Despite the seemingly light impact, he remained fully unconscious, breathing heavily as confusion enveloped the arena.

The perplexing incident left not only the referee and the opponent but also the medical team in a state of bewilderment. The unconscious competitor received thorough examination, while his opponent attempted to comprehend the unforeseen situation.

Upon closer inspection in the replay, it appeared that the competitor in black might have struck his chin on his opponent’s knee while attempting to gain a superior position. Although the impact did not seem severe, online speculations surfaced, suggesting dehydration from weight cutting as a potential factor, weakening the competitor’s brain and elevating the risk of an unexpected knockout.

This rare occurrence serves as a reminder that, despite the controlled environment of BJJ matches, unforeseen circumstances can transpire, adding an element of unpredictability to the sport.