Khabib rumored to have asked for Millions to compete against Georges St Pierre in grappling

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu icon Craig Jones recently made a claim involving MMA icon Khabib Nurmagomedov.

He said that renowned mixed martial artist priced himself out of a potential grappling match against the legendary Georges St-Pierre.

In an endeavor to entice Nurmagomedov back into UFC after his unexpected retirement, Dana White made strides to orchestrate a highly lucrative contest involving St-Pierre. The idea was also proposed as a grappling bout instead of the conventional MMA showdown.

But in a display of unwavering commitment to his principles, Nurmagomedov remained true to his decision and refused to endorse any proposal. The 34-year-old athlete seemed content in his retirement, showcasing a firm resolve to refrain from competitive action in the future.

Unveiling a fresh twist to the narrative, Craig Jones divulged that Nurmagomedov priced himself out of the match against St-Pierre. Speaking candidly on the B-Team Jiu Jitsu’s YouTube channel, the 32-year-old recounted how Khabib had stipulated a staggering five million dollars as his fee for the anticipated showdown.

During a podcast session with Gunnar Nelson, Jones recollected: “I was with the [UFC] Fight Pass guys and they were trying to ask me for opponents for ‘GSP,’ for ideas, and I had no idea who would be [suitable]. They asked me at the moment and I didn’t know.”

“I remember I said Khabib and I think they said Khabib wanted $5 million to do the grappling match. I was like, ‘Woah!’ Obviously that’s priced himself out there. Those guys would be cool to see. I’d love to train with those guys and feel what it’s like, you know?”

The contemplation of a match between Nurmagomedov and St-Pierre stirred waves of excitement, possibly ranking among the greatest contests in UFC history. Regrettably, this potential match must now join the ranks of unrealized dreams, becoming yet another addition to the extensive catalog of mythical matchups.