WATCH: BJJ Purple Belt Offers $400 if you can knock him out – and he’s not allowed to strike back

In the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , a purple belt recently set forth a unique challenge that had spectators in stitches. He offered a cash prize of $400 to anyone who could knock him out, with a hilarious twist – he wasn’t allowed to strike back.

The video of this comical contest gained attention because it showcased the significant advantage a skilled grappler has over someone inexperienced in ground combat.

The purple belt effortlessly lifted his opponents without breaking a sweat, spinning them like pizza dough in slow motion, and gently placing them back on the ground.

The catch? His challengers wore boxing gloves, which proved to be a major disadvantage when transitioning to grappling. These gloves left them powerless on the ground, unable to effectively defend themselves.

It’s essential to recognize that the purple belt honed his grappling skills over years of dedicated practice. His ability to take opponents down and control them is the result of countless hours on the mat. In contrast, his challengers lacked the training needed to prevent such takedowns, rendering the gloves somewhat inconsequential in this context.

In one-on-one unarmed combat, an experienced grappler typically holds a significant advantage over someone lacking grappling skills, regardless of their other abilities. While the purple belt’s dominance may seem evident, the rise of elite strikers in mixed martial arts with formidable takedown defense has led to some confusion in this regard.

One interesting takeaway from this challenge is the safe practice of gently placing sparring partners on the ground. This not only prevents serious injuries but is also a crucial rule in competitions where slamming is prohibited. Moreover, the challenge highlighted the importance of understanding how grips work in a grappling situation.

While the contenders might have attempted to knock out the purple belt without gloves, the stipulation remained that the grappler had to win without causing harm to his opponents. Both parties operated under handicaps – the contestants couldn’t grapple effectively with gloves, and the purple belt couldn’t strike back.