AJ Agazarm accuses Gordon Ryan of fixing match: Setup for Gaudio to take the fall via armbar

Gordon Ryan faced allegations of match-fixing after his recent armbar victory over Patrick Gaudio at the WNO 20 event. Despite his impeccable record and numerous accomplishments, this win raised questions about the legitimacy of Ryan’s matches.

AJ Agazarm claimed to have insider information from a “credible source” regarding a contract between Ryan and Gaudio. According to Agazarm, this contract guaranteed Ryan’s victory via armbar, casting doubt on the authenticity of Ryan’s prediction.

Agazarm expressed his concerns on social media, stating, “I just found out from a very credible source that apparently the contract between Gordon Ryan and Patrick Gaudio for the WNO final was setup for Gaudio to take the fall via armbar. I wish I was joking here, but I’m not.”

He continued, “I will try and get a call with Gaudio or a copy of the contract to confirm, but if it’s true this will be so bad for all the parties involved. I knew something seemed off with this one. I get trying to hype up an athlete for views and numbers, but this is just an all-time disgrace. It’s going to start turning into boxing.”

Ryan, known for his confrontational style, responded to these allegations with humor, posting Agazarm’s comments on his social media and remarking, “I’ve made it. Rationalization skills are strong with this one hahaha. 100% my haters talk about me to their therapists.”

AJ Agazarm’s career has been marked by controversy and provocative behavior. He made a name for himself as one of the few Americans in the BJJ scene in 2014, capitalizing on the sport’s growing popularity. Despite achieving success as an IBJJF Nogi Champion in 2014 and winning a silver medal at ADCC in 2017, Agazarm transitioned to MMA and signed with Bellator.

In MMA, Agazarm had a mixed journey, with notable moments like his debut match against Jesse Roberts in January 2019. However, he became embroiled in controversies, including questioning the integrity of judges and their relationships with fighters.

Despite his colorful career, Agazarm has returned to BJJ. His recent comments have added fuel to the ongoing debate about the authenticity of grappling competitions and their potential parallels with boxing’s controversial history.