Bellator champion blasts Gordon Ryan for promoting PED use

Bellator MIddleweight champion Johnny Eblen has expressed his concerns over recent comments made by Gordon Ryan about the use of PEDs in MMA.

Gordon Ryan has made a significant impact in combat sports beyond jiu-jitsu. However, his opinions on testing in the sport have drawn criticism, notably from Dillon Danis and Mark Hunt.

Eblen weighed in on this debate, challenging Ryan’s perspective.

Johnny Eblen took to Twitter to address the issue, saying, “Not that I’m trying to stir up any unwarranted drama, but Gordon Ryan just stated that MMA should allow athletes to be on ster oids because it would supposedly make it more entertaining.”

Eblen expressed his concerns about Ryan’s health, suggesting that allowing PED use could be detrimental. He highlighted the long-term consequences of PEDs on athletes’ health and their quality of life after retiring from competition.

Eblen also questioned the fairness of allowing PED use in grappling, as opposed to MMA, highlighting that the risks and consequences are different when physical combat is involved. He pondered whether an athlete could be considered the greatest of all time (GOAT) if their skills were dependent on chemistry.

While Eblen acknowledged Gordon Ryan’s talent, he questioned whether such achievements would be possible without the use of PEDs