WATCH: Craig Jones and Molly McCann score submission wins at Polaris 26

Polaris 26 washeld on November 4, 2023. The event featured renowned BJJ stars, including the likes of Craig Jones, as well as the participation of two UFC stars, Gerald Meerschaert and Molly McCann.

Polaris 26 offered a diverse lineup of matchups, enhancing the appeal for MMA enthusiasts as it bridged the gap between professional submission grappling and mixed martial arts. The event aimed to provide crossover entertainment and introduce MMA fans to the world of high-level BJJ.

In the main event, Craig Jones, a two-time ADCC silver medalist and a prominent BJJ star, faced off against UFC’s Gerald Meerschaert. Meerschaert, known for his numerous submissions in the UFC middleweight division, ventured into a contest against one of the world’s most accomplished grapplers. The highly-anticipated clash concluded with Craig Jones securing a victory via submission, employing a RNC to outmaneuver Meerschaert.


Another thrilling bout on the card featured British UFC star Molly McCann, who transitioned from MMA to grappling to take on Julia Scardone. McCann showcased her versatile skills, ultimately clinching a victory through a submission, employing an armbar to seal the deal.

This was a welcome boost in confidence for McCann who lost her last two in the UFC by way of submission.


In addition to the crossover matchups, Polaris 26 presented a Polaris women’s title bout between no-gi champions Kendall Reusing and Leticia Cardozo, which concluded with Reusing emerging victorious via unanimous decision.

Other standout contests included Tommy Langaker’s unanimous decision win against Oliver Taza.

Taza had an incredible heel hook attempt that made most spectators cringe but Langaker toughed it out anyway.

The event also had its share of dramatic moments, such as Marcin Maciulewicz’s victory over Max Bickerton, despite a somewhat “naughty” incident, as well as a humorous moment when “duct tape fixes everything.”

Maciulewicz cut his leg during his entrance, at which point tape was applied to it.

The preliminary rounds showcased nine matches, featuring a mix of talented grapplers from the UK and EU BJJ scene. These bouts provided an exciting prelude to the main card action, making Polaris 26 a comprehensive and engaging grappling event for fans.