Yuri Simoes tries to justify dodging athletic commission testing after Craig Jones outs him

Recently, Craig Jones dropped a major reveal regarding fellow competitor Yuri Simoes. According to Jones, Simoes refused to undergo PED testing during a grappling tournament back in 2019. This ultimately contributed to Eddie Bravo’s Combat jiu-jitsu tournament getting moved to Mexico, from California.

The revelation came to light when Simoes allegedly initiated the exchange by commenting on one of Jones’ posts. Jones, known for his direct approach, responded by sharing a compelling story on Instagram.

“This is a story from back in 2019, when I used to work with the FEDS, I got wind through the pipelines that there has been a randomly dr*g tested event of grappling, in the great state of California.”
“I looked into this. I looked into, oh, whose jurisdiction would that fall under. And I found out the California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Federation.”

“And I thought, let me check the profiles of the athletes in this event… And I found Mr Yuri Simoes’ profile on there, amongst others.”
“And it had this thing on it, called “suspended”. And I thought – what could possibly be the reason an athlete could be suspended on this website?”

Upon scrutinizing the athletes’ profiles, Jones found Yuri Simoes’ name marked with “suspended.” Intrigued, he delved deeper into the matter and contacted the organizers seeking clarification.

Jones recounted the exchange with the organizers, stating that they confirmed Simoes’ refusal to undergo a PED test after the event. This revelation raised questions about the reasons behind Simoes’ suspension, as transparency in PED testing is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the sport.

Simoes responded to Jones’ claims, attempting to justify his actions. He explained that before the Combat Jiu-Jitsu event, he sought clarification from Eddie (presumably Eddie Bravo) regarding the test, expressing concerns about testing positive for weed. Simoes claimed that he wanted to avoid unnecessary controversies.

“Once again, he’s just making s**t up, like he did a few weeks ago on his podcast talking some lies about people from other team wearing b team rash guards on my class.
Before the event started (Combat JJ), they came to do a dr*g test, and I asked Eddie if it was only for PEDs. He said he didn’t know, and I said “I don’t want to test dirty for weed, and everyone blows it out of proportion; please find out.” He said as the event was starting, that it was not for weed. After I won the combat jiu-jitsu title, I looked for the CAMO guy to test and found out he had left. I didn’t run. I later found out I was suspended from CAMO.” “@craigjonesbjj Not only are you
s**ty in jiu-jitsu and a forever SECOND PLACE you are also a s**tty detective. Remember, this is all fun and games till it isn’t”

However, Jones seized the opportunity to advertise another product, turning Simoes’ response into a humorous skit.