WATCH: Grapplefest competitors duke it out backstage over roid rage accusations

PED abuse has become a major topic in BJJ. While it’s always been known that most of the top competitors are using some sort of a performance enhancer the attitude towards the use has changed.

With outspoken figures such as Gordon Ryan openly admitting to use, the topic is more polarizing by the day. To make matters more interesting Ryan claims PED abuse isn’t illegal in BJJ competitions because the tournaments don’t explicitly ban it and don’t actually test.

Recent grapple fest edition brought tensions to the boiling point between European & nordic ADCC pro champion Oskar Svelsand IBJJF Euros champ Thomas Bracher.

The video of the incident was subsequently shared including the DMs between the two.

Video appears to have been spurred on by some of the peckish banter between the two.

Svelsand proceeded to put various members of Gracie Barra Sutton Coldfield on blast.

Bracher responded to the series of posts saying there are two sides to a story and disputing that he was featured in the video.

Ultimately disputes are a part of any sport but BJJ sure brings tensions to the surface. It’s hard to tell who exactly is to blame from the limited amount of context these gentlemen provided themselves. One thing’s for certain, physically confronting your opponents and or his team backstage at a competition is to be frowned upon.