WATCH: Referee halts buggy choke attempt due to legal slam then restarts action with the submission on

At BRAVE CF 76, an MMA event hosted by BRAVE Combat Federation in Jakarta, Indonesia, a referee’s controversial decisions during a welterweight bout between Murad Guseinov and David Martinez sparked a wave of criticism.

The bout, part of the co-main event, showcased the grappling skills of both athletes. Guseinov gained the upper hand, securing a buggy choke on Martinez. In an attempt to break free, Martinez executed a legal slam, a common technique to escape from such situations. However, the referee, in a perplexing move, called off the match, citing the slam as illegal.

This decision left everyone bewildered, with even the commentator expressing confusion. The referee later admitted his error, acknowledging the legality of Martinez’s slam. Despite protests from Martinez’s corner, the referee decided to resume the bout, instructing the fighters to return to the buggy choke position.

As the match continued, Guseinov indicated to the referee that Martinez was unconscious, prompting the premature stoppage of the fight. However, it became apparent that Martinez was not actually out, leading to further criticism of the referee’s handling of the situation.

The incident quickly gained traction on social media, with the clip going viral and drawing widespread condemnation for the referee’s questionable decisions. Some voices in the MMA community accused the referee of bias, adding fuel to the controversy.

Murad Guseinov, a promising Bahraini prospect, remains undefeated and trains at the renowned KHK MMA Team in Bahrain. The controversy surrounding this match at BRAVE CF 76 adds another layer to the ongoing discussions about referee decisions in MMA and their potential impact on the outcomes of fights.