WATCH: Bungard scores triangle armbar win at CW 164

Cage Warriors 164, the recent spectacular MMA event, witnessed an intense lightweight battle that kept fans on the edge of their seats. The clash between Chris Bungard and Perry Andre Goodwin in the main card showcased the epitome of skill and determination in the cage.

Hosted in Newcastle, England, Cage Warriors 164 lived up to its reputation as Europe’s premier MMA promotion. Among the array of thrilling matchups, the lightweight bout between seasoned fighters Bungard and Goodwin stole the spotlight.

From the opening moments, the two fighters engaged in a relentless exchange of powerful strikes, creating a high-energy spectacle. The pace of the match was furious, with both athletes demonstrating their prowess in the striking department.

The climax of the battle occurred towards the end of the first round. Following a fierce back-and-forth, Goodwin attempted a swift leg kick, only to be met with a lightning-fast counter from Bungard. The left-hand strike found its mark on Goodwin’s jaw, resulting in a sudden knockdown.

Seizing the opportunity, Bungard transitioned to the ground, opting for a grappling strategy over ground-and-pound. While initially targeting a guillotine, Bungard adjusted his approach, securing a triangle armbar just in time. Despite Goodwin’s attempt to stand and escape, Bungard skillfully used the momentum to slam him back onto the canvas. In this compromised position, Goodwin conceded, tapping out and handing Bungard a well-deserved victory.

With this triumph, Chris Bungard bolstered his record to 19 wins and 8 losses, showcasing his resilience and submission prowess. On the other side, Perry Andre Goodwin faced a consecutive defeat, bringing his overall record to 11 wins and 10 losses.

The match left fans in awe, highlighting the unpredictable and thrilling nature of MMA contests. Bungard’s strategic brilliance and swift execution secured a memorable moment at Cage Warriors 164.