WATCH: Twister finish at Fury FC

In a jaw-dropping moment at Fury FC 84, newcomer Kyle Todrank showcased his grappling prowess by securing a rare twister submission, adding an unforgettable highlight to the growing legacy of Fury Fighting Championship in Texas.

Fury Fighting Championship, based in Texas, continues to make waves in the MMA scene, nurturing local talents and delivering thrilling events. Their recent spectacle, Fury FC 84, unfolded on December 3 in Houston, Texas, featuring a myriad of matchups that captivated audiences. However, it was the featherweight clash between Kyle Todrank and Jason Rivera in the main card that stole the show.

Making his professional MMA debut, Todrank wasted no time in asserting his dominance. The bout commenced with a striking exchange, showcasing the competitive spirit of both fighters. Yet, Todrank’s grappling skills proved superior as he effortlessly controlled Rivera during ground exchanges.

The pinnacle of the encounter unfolded in the middle of the second round. Seizing an opportune moment, Todrank transitioned into a position to execute the twister submission—a technique seldom witnessed in MMA. Securing Rivera’s back with an unconventional diagonal hold, Todrank deftly intertwined his legs with Rivera’s while grabbing his arm.

Executing the twister, Todrank initiated a painful twist, contorting Rivera’s entire body. The visibly agonizing scene left Rivera grappling with intense discomfort. Despite his resilience, Rivera eventually succumbed, tapping out and securing Todrank’s victory in a spectacular manner on his professional debut.

The twister, originating from the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu realm and popularized by veteran Eddie Bravo, stands out as one of the most excruciating submissions. Applied from the back control position, the twister inflicts significant pain on the opponent’s body.

In the realm of mixed martial arts, the twister remains a rare gem due to its intricate execution and the prevalence of more efficient submission techniques. Todrank’s successful application of this challenging move not only secured his victory but also etched his name in MMA history, showcasing the potential for innovation even in the most formidable submissions.

The viral clip of Kyle Todrank’s twister submission at Fury FC 84 continues to reverberate across social media, underscoring the enduring impact of unique techniques in the dynamic world of mixed martial arts.