WATCH: BJJ competitor tries to bite his way out of a smother

In a recent ADCC tournament, a gripping match took an unexpected turn, leaving the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community with mixed reactions. The incident, which went viral on social media, involved a competitor in a gray rash guard resorting to a blatant bite after his opponent attempted a controversial face smothering move.

The clip circulating online captures the intense grappling between the two competitors. The athlete in the yellow rash guard skillfully secured his opponent’s back, attempting a RNC. Faced with his opponent’s defensive chin tuck, the competitor in yellow opted for a contentious tactic, smothering his opponent’s face to reveal the neck.

In retaliation, the competitor in gray took a drastic step by biting the arm covering his face. The opponent reacted with a scream, revealing a gruesome bite mark on his hand after the match. The reddish mark and distinct teeth lines were visible, emphasizing the severity of the foul.

The referee promptly recognized the illegal move, but the competitor in gray feigned surprise, acting as if he was unaware of the prohibition. He even sought confirmation from the referee, arguing that his opponent was smothering his face.

Biting is strictly forbidden in BJJ, aligning with the sport’s principles and emphasizing the potential for serious injury. Such actions are considered fouls, inviting penalties, and, in severe cases, disqualification from competitions.

Following the video’s viral spread, the BJJ community voiced condemnation toward the competitor in the gray rash guard for resorting to an illegal move and causing harm to his opponent. Fans expressed their disbelief at the competitor’s feigned ignorance about the rule against biting.

“Bro said ‘I can’t bite?’ like that was a shocking revelation to him,” commented one fan, while another added, “I love that the dude was like…”WHAT I can’t bite?!”

However, a segment of viewers shifted blame to the competitor in the yellow rash guard, arguing that the initiation of the controversial tactic was through face smothering. Face smothering, intentionally covering an opponent’s face, is generally prohibited in BJJ competitions.

“Why did you put your hand there?”

“We need to know if face smothering was allowed in that tournament’s rule set.”

“Don’t put ur fingers in there if you like them the way they were.”

The incident has sparked a debate within the BJJ community, raising questions about sportsmanship and adherence to rules in the heat of competition.