WATCH: Barikhanov Stuns Fans with Rare Ezekiel Choke Victory at Naiza FC 56

In a spectacular turn of events at Naiza FC 56, rising lightweight prospect Magomed Barikhanov showcased his grappling prowess by securing a rare Ezekiel choke against debutant Erkebulan Sissenbaev. The event, held on December 21 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, witnessed a thrilling clash between the two fighters.

Barikhanov and Sissenbaev engaged in a fierce battle from the onset, with Barikhanov demonstrating superior control and cornering his opponent multiple times. Despite Sissenbaev’s resilience in surviving the first round, Barikhanov’s grappling skills became the differentiator in the second round.

Taking the fight to the ground, Barikhanov dominated Sissenbaev, establishing top control and expertly executing the Ezekiel chokeā€”a technique rarely seen in MMA due to its complexity. The choke involves using one arm behind the opponent’s head and the other arm gripping the opposite forearm, restricting blood flow to the neck.

Sissenbaev found himself in a helpless position, attempting to escape the tight hold but ultimately succumbing to the submission in the second round. The victory marked another impressive win for Magomed Barikhanov, bringing his professional record to 2 wins and 1 loss.

The Ezekiel choke adds a unique flair to Barikhanov’s repertoire, showcasing his versatility in finishing fights. Unfortunately for Erkebulan Sissenbaev, the loss served as a challenging introduction to the professional MMA scene on his debut.

Magomed Barikhanov’s triumph via the rare Ezekiel choke has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on Naiza FC 56, emphasizing the promotion’s commitment to providing thrilling matchups and unforgettable moments for MMA enthusiasts.