‘Saved by the Bell’ Star hoping for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt after 15 Years of Training

Renowned actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar, famous for his role as Zack Morris in ‘Saved by the Bell,’ shared insights into his Brazilian jiu-jitsu journey. The 49-year-old actor, also known for his love of sports cars, revealed that he is currently a purple belt under Gracie Baja in Sanitas.

In a recent interview with UFC Fight Pass, Gosselaar discussed his BJJ experience, mentioning his consistent training over the past 15 years. Despite being a purple belt with two stripes, Gosselaar expressed a desire to pursue a black belt, acknowledging the long and rewarding journey the martial art has offered him.

“I was never a belt seeker, but I’ve been in it so long. I should just go for the belt. I think with jujitsu, it’s one of those things where you’re always gonna be learning. So it’s, and that’s the beauty of the sport is the knowledge of it and just remaining open and wanting to learn, which I do. But I also kinda wanna have something to show,” Gosselaar stated.

While Gosselaar has been actively involved in BJJ, balancing his passion with a busy acting career, he emphasized the continuous learning aspect of the sport. He highlighted the beauty of jiu-jitsu lying in the perpetual journey of acquiring knowledge.

Gosselaar, who recently appeared in the NBC drama-mystery series ‘Found,’ recognizes the need for consistent dedication to achieve the coveted black belt. With upcoming projects on his schedule, time management will play a crucial role in his pursuit of the next level in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.