UFC star cautiones parents: If your Gym charges for promotions – LEAVE

Terrance McKinney is a rising star in the UFC lightweight division. He recently expressed disbelief and disapproval of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym that charges practitioners a fee to earn belts.

McKinney shared a screenshot of an email that outlined the fees associated with belt promotions in the gym, with prices ranging from $20 for a kid’s stripe belt to $150 for a black belt.

The email stated, “Belt promotion is NOT mandatory, and if you do not want your child or yourself to be promoted, please get in contact with the school. Should you choose to follow through with the promotion, these are the fees that we charge.”

McKinney, known as “T Wrecks,” emphasized his opinion that a gym charging fees for belt promotions is not legitimate, referring to it as a “McDojo.” A McDojo is a term used to describe a martial arts school that prioritizes profit over the quality of instruction, often characterized by excessive fees, quick belt promotions, and a lack of genuine martial arts skill development.

In his tweet, McKinney advised people not to go to such gyms, reinforcing the idea that legitimate martial arts schools do not charge practitioners additional fees for belt promotions. Many practitioners and fans echoed McKinney’s sentiments, expressing concern that paying for belts undermines the value of hard work and skill development in martial arts.

Terrance McKinney has been making a name for himself in the UFC, showcasing a well-rounded skill set with powerful striking and grappling abilities. He holds an impressive record with a 100% finish rate, including 7 knockouts and 8 submissions in his 15 total wins. McKinney joined the UFC in June 2021 and has gained attention for his performances in the lightweight division.