WATCH: MMA star submits opponent with Suloev stretch

The Suloev stretch is indeed a rare and impressive submission in mixed martial arts, and it requires a high level of skill to execute successfully. In the recent EFC Global 40 event, Beksultan Taalay showcased his grappling prowess by pulling off the Suloev stretch to submit his opponent, Bakhodir Shoabdukadirov.

During the featherweight bout, Taalay demonstrated superior grappling skills, dominating Shoabdukadirov with takedowns and ground control. In the middle of the first round, Taalay intensified his attack, eventually catching Shoabdukadirov’s back. When Shoabdukadirov stood up to escape the ground-and-pound, Taalay seized the opportunity, grabbed his leg, and locked in the Suloev stretch.

The Suloev stretch involves pulling the opponent’s foot behind their head, putting significant pressure on the muscles in the back of the thigh. It is a challenging submission to execute but can be highly effective when done correctly, causing intense pain to the opponent.

Taalay’s successful execution of the Suloev stretch led to Shoabdukadirov tapping out, securing Taalay’s victory via submission in the first round. This rare submission added an exciting and memorable moment to the EFC Global 40 event. Taalay’s win marked a successful return to the win column for him, improving his professional record to 3 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw, while Shoabdukadirov’s record now stands at 1 win and 3 losses.