WATCH: UFC Heavyweight title contender Curtis Blaydes rolls with Nicky Rod

UFC heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes has been actively working on improving his grappling skills by training with Brazilian Jiu-JitsuĀ  phenom Nick Rodriguez. In a video that gained attention on social media, Blaydes was seen engaging in intense grappling sessions with Rodriguez.

Blaydes, known for his knockout power in the heavyweight division, has recognized the importance of well-rounded skills, particularly in grappling, to compete at the highest level. In the video, Blaydes showcased his commitment to enhancing his ground game by training with Rodriguez, a highly skilled BJJ practitioner.

Fans praised Blaydes for his dedication to improving his skills and noted the intensity of the grappling session. Some fans expressed confidence that Blaydes’ efforts in grappling training could make him a formidable force in the heavyweight division, even suggesting that he might out-grapple UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Blaydes currently holds the fifth spot in the UFC heavyweight rankings, with a record of 17 wins and 4 losses. After suffering a loss to Sergei Pavlovich in April, Blaydes was initially set to face Jailton Almeida in November but withdrew for undisclosed reasons. Almeida went on to defeat Derrick Lewis, who stepped in as a replacement. Blaydes and Almeida are now scheduled to face each other at UFC 299 in March 2024.

The video of Blaydes grappling with Nick Rodriguez showcases his dedication to continuous improvement and suggests that he is actively working on evolving his skill set to become a more well-rounded fighter in the competitive UFC heavyweight division.