WATCH: Man backs down from clash after realizing his ‘opponent’ was boxing champ Regis Prograis

Regis Prograis, the former professional boxing champion, recently found himself in a comical encounter that almost escalated into a fight. The incident, captured in a viral video, started when a man bumped into Prograis’ wife on the sidewalk, leading to a humorous exchange.

Prograis, who recently suffered a loss to Devin Haney, displayed a lighter side as the situation unfolded. In the video, Prograis’ wife voiced her displeasure after the sidewalk incident. The man, seemingly unaware of Prograis’ identity, responded defensively, claiming they were blocking the sidewalk.

The exchange intensified, with Prograis stepping in to defend his wife. A heated argument ensued, with the man’s friend attempting to mediate. Despite realizing Prograis’ stature, the man continued to express readiness for a fight.

The humorous twist came when the man’s friend showed him a video of Prograis knocking out an opponent. This momentarily defused the tension, leading to a playful resolution. The man jokingly suggested a unique solution – he would take on Prograis’ wife, while his friend could face the boxing champion.

The video, posted by Boxing Kingdom, garnered significant attention on social media, accumulating over half a million likes. While some viewers questioned the authenticity, labeling it a staged skit, many found the encounter entertaining. Common reactions included laughter and remarks about the staged nature of the video.

Fans, still buzzing from Prograis’ recent loss to Devin Haney, took the opportunity to inject humor into the situation. Some suggested that the encounter skit was more entertaining than Prograis’ boxing performance.

In the world of professional boxing, where intense rivalries and high-stakes matches are the norm, this lighthearted encounter showcased a different side of Regis Prograis, adding a touch of humor to the boxing champion’s public persona.