WATCH: UFC contender and BJJ talent Gilbert Burns does the white belt challenge

In a captivating display of Brazilian jiu-jitsu prowess, UFC welterweight standout Gilbert Burns accepted a unique challenge, showcasing the stark skill difference between a BJJ black belt and white belts. The 37-year-old Brazilian, renowned for his success in both MMA and submission grappling, took on the task of submitting as many white belts as possible in a 10-minute challenge, providing a fascinating insight into his ground game mastery.

As a former UFC title challenger and a consistent performer in the octagon, Burns has earned acclaim for his impressive skills. Beyond MMA, he continues to make waves in the world of submission grappling, regularly competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments and defeating formidable opponents.

The entertaining challenge unfolded in a video on Burns’ YouTube channel, where he stood on the mat, ready to face a lineup of eager white belts. The timer began, and one by one, white belts entered the mat to test their skills against the seasoned black belt.


Initially, Burns effortlessly dominated and submitted his opponents, showcasing the vast skill gap. However, as the challenge progressed, fatigue set in, and Burns faced a tougher time securing submissions. Despite his exhaustion, Burns continued to display technical superiority.

In the final moments, with visible signs of fatigue, Burns successfully submitted the seventh white belt just before the timer expired. The challenge highlighted that, even under less-than-ideal conditions, experience and skill played a pivotal role in Burns’ ability to control and submit his opponents.

While Burns has demonstrated his BJJ expertise in fun challenges, his octagon performances have also seen him submit numerous tough opponents. However, his latest outing resulted in a loss against fellow top contender Belal Muhammad in May, with Muhammad securing a unanimous decision victory.

Currently ranked at number 4 in the UFC welterweight division, Gilbert Burns is gearing up for his return to the octagon. Scheduled to face the 11th-ranked contender, Jack Della Maddalena, at UFC 299 in March 2024, Burns aims to climb back into title contention with his well-rounded skills and experience.