WATCH: Rising Star Nabi Nabiev Stuns with Suloev Stretch Submission at HFC MMA 82

In a spectacular showcase of skill at Hardcore Fighting Championship’s MMA-only event, HFC MMA 82, emerging MMA prospect Nabi Nabiev secured a thrilling victory using a rare Suloev stretch submission. The event, held on December 29 in Moscow, Russia, treated combat sports enthusiasts to a night of intense matchups, featuring talents in MMA, kickboxing, and bare-knuckle boxing.

Nabi Nabiev, undefeated since his professional debut last year, entered the featherweight bout against Zhuman Zhumabekov with determination. The initial exchanges showcased both fighters’ commitment, with the match proving to be evenly contested. However, Nabiev’s grappling prowess quickly became the differentiating factor.

Taking the action to the ground, Nabiev displayed superior control, transitioning between positions and launching calculated strikes to Zhumabekov’s head. Despite Zhumabekov’s resilient efforts, Nabiev executed a rarely seen Suloev stretch with precision.

While positioned on Zhumabekov’s back, Nabiev seized the opportunity, grabbing Zhumabekov’s right leg and pulling it forcefully towards his head. The excruciating pain became evident as Zhumabekov tapped out with just seconds remaining in the first round, sealing Nabiev’s victory via submission.

The Suloev stretch, an uncommon submission in MMA, requires finesse to execute successfully. By pulling the opponent’s foot behind their head and applying pressure to the muscles in the back of the thigh, it delivers intense discomfort and is known for its effectiveness when executed correctly.

Maintaining an undefeated record with four wins since his professional debut, Nabi Nabiev continues to impress with his finishing prowess. In contrast, Zhuman Zhumabekov’s record now stands at 13 wins and 7 losses following this challenging defeat. Nabiev’s Suloev stretch submission adds a unique highlight to the diverse array of finishes witnessed at HFC MMA 82.