Craig Jones defends teammate after claims Danaher’s student invented technique taught on instructional

There’s neever a shortage of drama in BJJ. Previously we’ve reported on an interesting discussion Keenan Cornelius and Craig Jones had when it came to claiming ‘ownership’ over a certain technique.

Today a new drama comes from the just released dvd from B Team’s Owen Jones. Owen Jones released a DVD titeled Reverse cow girl ehm, closed guard detailing a number of options for this position.

But very quickly a controversy emerged. According to a number of commenters, one of the techniques the instructional showcases is the so called Abe lock, named according to Abraham Wolfe La Montagne a member of Team New Wave (coached by John Danaher.

“It’s interesting. You go through many years of developing a position, one that I dont claim to have invented, but popularized in recent time and would say I’ve helped brand as a more serious position that people take more seriously and fear. Most of the entrances into reverse closed guard are really intuitive, and if you k ow basic inversion techniques into cross ashi or outside, you can easily go I to reverse closed guard.”

“Started out that people just thought of it as that silly thing Jeff glover does, and no one really knew how to finish anything from it. “Its Gay, and it looks dumb. Probably doesnt work”
Toe hold and heel hooks are hard to hit, so it mostly just looks gay and is something funny to do.”
“I came up with a unique finishing grip and solve one of the major problems with this position, leg extension. That’s why the Abe Lock is useful and not just a toe hold from reverse closed guard.”
“It’s just ironic that people can go ahead and claim to know techniques when they’ve never even finished them at all or consistently in competition against “high level” opponents. They just want money and to tell people “I made an instructional” and make a few grand off of it.”
“You can claim to know something, but ask yourself, how much do you know it if you can’t perform it live and under pressure? It’s kind of the standard of instructional today. In a sea of lessons, who do you want to give your money to? I’d prefer the guy with a rep for winning and/or creating champions.”
“We live in a greedy world, and people want to chase and dishonor themselves for the slightest amount of fame and fortune. Just seems to be some people’s way””

Abraham reportedly confronted Owen in DMs and posted the response.

While Owen reportedly refers to the technique as Abe lock, there’s still an outcry about the choice to include it.

Enter Craig Jones. Jones jokingly refered to Owen as his son and delivered the following message on his social media:
“Guys. Friendly reminder you can’t claim to have popularized the move if nobody knows who you are. Second of all, go be mad people make an instructional because your daddy won’t let you make one. He won’t even let you put his name on a seminar poster. That’s rough. ”
“Guys. According to this logic, unless he hit a move in high level competition, you cannot make an instructional offer because it would be a dirty money grab. Well, that’s f–king funny because if this guy’s coach is John Danaher, he’s never competed. I hope Daddy gives you a good spanking for putting this logic online, brother, because you are in trouble.”