Gilbert Durinho Burns names best jiu-jitsu guys in the UFC

Welterweight standout Gilbert Burns recently shared insights on the Jaxxon Podcast, disclosing the UFC fighters he believes possess exceptional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) skills. The conversation, featuring former light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson and co-host Bear Degidio, delved into Burns’ perspectives on the promotion’s BJJ talents.

Burns identified Charles Oliveira as a prime example, highlighting his outstanding jiu-jitsu prowess and numerous records. Oliveira, a former lightweight champion and black belt holder, stands as a BJJ legend, boasting the UFC record for the most submission wins at 16.

“Charles Oliveira has great jiu jitsu, and he holds all the records, I think Charles Oliveira… There is another guy… I heard Tom Aspinall has great jiu jitsu. That’s what I heard.”

The Brazilian star also mentioned Tom Aspinall, the interim heavyweight champion, acknowledging his reputed proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Aspinall, hailing from a family deeply rooted in BJJ, brings decades of training experience to the octagon.

Gilbert Burns’ BJJ insights align with his extensive experience in the sport, offering fans a glimpse into the technical prowess of some of the UFC’s notable practitioners.

In a separate segment, Burns shared his thoughts on rising UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett, commending his recent victory over Tony Ferguson. While acknowledging Pimblett’s potential, Burns expressed the desire to see the Scouser tested further in the octagon.

The welterweight contender, who trained with Pimblett in the U.K., emphasized the young fighter’s seriousness and work ethic. Burns highlighted the need for Pimblett to face challenges that push him to his limits and determine his resilience in later rounds.

As the MMA community awaits these potential matchups, Gilbert Burns’ expert commentary provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu within the UFC.