WATCH: Navy seal takes on UFC veteran in jiu-jitsu match

In a one-of-a-kind showdown at the High Rollers: Cops vs Stonerz Jiu-Jitsu tournament, MMA veteran Jake Shields took on former Navy SEAL Mitch Aguiar in a unique and unconventional matchup. The tournament, known for its distinct format, features Jiu-Jitsu competitors facing off against police or military officers. What sets this event apart is the unusual twist: the officers compete in a sober state, while their opponents embrace a stoned condition.

Shields, recognized as one of the best fighters in UFC history without securing a championship belt, showcased his martial arts prowess against Aguiar, a former Navy SEAL officer with experience in both military service and MMA. While Shields ultimately secured the victory with a submission, Aguiar left his mark on the match with noteworthy takedowns and moments of strength.

The tournament’s format aims to create a unique blend of martial arts skills with an unconventional twist. Aguiar managed to take Shields down twice during the match, displaying his immense strength in the process. His first takedown involved lifting Shields and placing him down, while the second showcased an impressive judo throw that landed Shields on his back.

Adding to the excitement, MMA star Jorge Masvidal served as one of the commentators for the matchup, providing insights and commentary throughout the event.

Despite Aguiar’s valiant efforts, Shields secured the victory through a submission, demonstrating his experience and skill in the Jiu-Jitsu realm. While the match may be viewed as a gimmicky crossover event, it nonetheless captured the attention of MMA enthusiasts and offered a unique twist to the world of martial arts competitions.

As crossover fights and unconventional matchups continue to gain momentum in the combat sports world, the High Rollers: Cops vs Stonerz event stands out as an intriguing addition. While some MMA netizens responded positively to the entertaining clash, others expressed varied opinions on the unconventional format. Regardless, the matchup between Jake Shields and Mitch Aguiar provided a distinct and memorable moment in the evolving landscape of martial arts competitions.