WATCH: Reverse toe hold ends MMA contest

Arkansas-based Peak Fighting, established in 2019, has rapidly become a prominent name in the MMA scene. Their recent event, Peak Fighting 33, held on January 6 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, featured a standout women’s bantamweight clash between Shanna Gomez and Mitzi Merry.

From the onset, the bout showcased the tenacity and skill of both athletes, engaging in a back-and-forth battle that captivated the audience. The striking and grappling exchanges kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout the three-round match. However, it was the third round that unveiled the extraordinary moment that would define the fight.

As the action transitioned to the ground, Gomez seized a dominant position over Merry. The relentless Gomez initiated a series of submission attempts, with Merry countering one such attempt with a buggy choke from a side control position. Undeterred, Gomez showcased her adaptability by seizing Merry’s foot, attempting an unconventional heel hook.

Persisting in her pursuit, Gomez adjusted her technique and opted for a reverse toe hold. The execution of this rarely seen submission was flawless, causing Merry to submit almost instantly due to the excruciating pain. In a matter of seconds, Gomez celebrated her victory via submission, remaining undefeated with two consecutive wins.

Shanna Gomez’s earlier triumph included a first-round knockout against Yuri Medina. Meanwhile, Mitzi Merry faced a setback with back-to-back losses, maintaining an overall record of 3 wins and 3 losses. The effectiveness and uniqueness of Gomez’s reverse toe hold added a memorable moment to Peak Fighting 33.