WATCH: Shuichiro Katsumura’s Ninja Choke Masterpiece Resurfaces

In a blast from the past, an electrifying MMA match took center stage as a resurfaced video showcased the remarkable skills displayed in the Shooto bantamweight title bout between Masakatsu Ueda and Shuichiro Katsumura at The Way of Shooto 2 in March 2010.

The legendary Japanese mixed martial arts promotion, Shooto, has a rich history, and this particular event remains etched in memory for its thrilling moments and intense matchups. The bantamweight championship showdown between Ueda and Katsumura stole the spotlight with its back-and-forth action and an extraordinary finish.

From the opening bell, both fighters demonstrated their prowess, engaging in a fierce exchange of blows and showcasing impressive grappling skills. The intensity heightened in the second round when Katsumura, the challenger, sought to secure a gogoplata against the champion, Ueda.

In a dramatic turn of events, Ueda countered the submission attempt and retaliated with punches. However, Katsumura, displaying his grappling finesse, seamlessly transitioned to a ninja choke—an uncommon but highly effective submission rarely seen in MMA.

The ninja choke, originating as a Gi technique, is adapted for no-gi scenarios in MMA. Katsumura’s execution involved bending Ueda’s neck downward and applying pressure to the carotid arteries with his arms, catching everyone by surprise.

Despite Ueda’s valiant attempts to escape, Katsumura’s ninja choke proved too formidable. With a swift tap out, Katsumura secured victory in the second round, claiming the bantamweight title and leaving an indelible mark with his mastery of this unique submission.