WATCH: Untrained man challenges BJJ practitioner, pays the price

Mixed Martial Arts has become the fastest-growing sport worldwide, combining various combat styles to create stars proficient in striking, grappling, and wrestling.

Proficient athletes like Daniel Cormier, Henry Cejudo, Israel Adesanya, and Gilbert Burns have showcased their skills on the grand stage of the UFC. Occasionally, amateurs attempt to test their abilities against trained stars, resulting in predictable and harsh defeats. In a recent viral video, an untrained individual faced off against a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, highlighting the critical role of training in effective combat and self-defense.

In the video that made waves on social media platforms, a shirtless man, lacking any martial arts training, bravely challenged a trained BJJ athlete. Regrettably, the outcome was apparent from the start, as the untrained individual suffered a swift and devastating defeat within a mere 27 seconds.

The encounter commenced on the feet, with both individuals showcasing their wrestling skills. However, the trained BJJ practitioner expertly employed a Judo throw, swiftly taking the shirtless man to the ground. Once on the ground, the BJJ athlete effortlessly transitioned into a dominant full mount position, exposing the untrained person’s glaring weakness. Capitalizing on this vulnerability, the BJJ athlete promptly executed an armbar submission, concluding the clash.

Had the untrained individual possessed basic BJJ training, he might have been able to defend against the submission attempts and prolong the action. In the early days of MMA, BJJ was highly sought after as a foundational skill, as exemplified by the success of visionary MMA pioneer, Royce Gracie.

The video of this one-sided backyard grappling match quickly went viral, amassing nearly 300K views. MMA enthusiasts flooded the comments section with their reactions to the action, ridiculing the untrained man for underestimating the prowess of his trained opponent. Some even criticized the BJJ athlete for accepting the challenge.