WATCH: KSW star submits opponent with a reverse triangle

KSW stands out as Poland’s premier promotion in a world where almost all MMA promotions are running on debt. Renowned for hosting stellar events featuring top-notch athletes, KSW has been a breeding ground for talents who later make a mark in the UFC. The latest chapter in their saga unfolded at KSW 90 on January 20 in Warsaw, Poland.

As expected, KSW 90 lived up to its reputation, offering fans a night filled with thrilling matchups and standout moments. Among these, the women’s strawweight clash between Ewelina Wozniak and Aleksandra Toncheva on the main card emerged as a highlight.

From the opening bell, both athletes engaged in a fierce battle, exchanging powerful strikes with mutual respect. The intensity of the match kept fans on the edge of their seats, as the stars displayed remarkable skill and determination.

The first round showcased the incredible skill level of both competitors. However, the decisive moment arrived in the second round. In a surprising turn of events, Wozniak capitalized on a striking exchange, turning Toncheva’s attempt to catch a body kick into an opportunity.

Exploiting the momentum, Wozniak executed a takedown while simultaneously locking in a reverse triangle chokeā€”a seamless sequence that demonstrated her strategic prowess. Toncheva fought valiantly, attempting to wriggle free, but Wozniak’s lock was airtight. Despite Toncheva’s resilience, she eventually succumbed, tapping out and sealing Wozniak’s victory via submission.

This triumph propelled Wozniak to an 8-2 professional MMA record, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with. Conversely, Toncheva faced her second consecutive loss, following a defeat against Anita Bekus. The Bulgarian now holds a record of 5 wins, 5 losses, and 1 draw.

In the aftermath of this captivating showdown, Ewelina Wozniak’s dominance reverberates through the MMA community, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her future performances. KSW 90 once again delivered an unforgettable night of combat sports, showcasing the resilience and skill of the athletes within its ranks.