ONE FC targeting mixed rules bout between Demetrius Johnson and BJJ champ Mikey Musumeci

Demetrious Johnson secured a decisive victory over Adriano Moraes, successfully defending his flyweight title in May of 2023. After the match, he dropped hints suggesting this might mark the conclusion of his illustrious career.

Johnson has achieved remarkable milestones in his career, winning titles in both the UFC and ONE Championship. At 37, he might be getting ready to hang up the gloves and transition out of mixed martial arts.

Founder of ONE Championship Chatri Sityodtong revealed ongoing efforts to entice Demetrious Johnson into another mixed-rules match. However, uncertainty looms over whether the flyweight champion will step into the ring again.

Sityodtong expressed his interest in arranging a bout between Johnson and Mikey Musumeci, the flyweight grappling world champion. After Johnson’s recent title win, it appears he might be taking a more relaxed approach to his career.

In an interview, Sityodtong shared insights into Johnson’s mindset. He stated: “We have been trying to get DJ a mixed-rules fight between DJ and Mikey Musumeci the flyweight grappling world champion. I think that would be a spectacular fight, as well.”

“I think DJ is kind of more in cruise control after having won his last title fight and when he is ready he will let us know when he wants to fight. He says he doesn’t have the burning desire, but he hasn’t retired yet, so I think DJ has a few more fights left in him to further cement his legendary GOAT status.”

Sityodtong emphasized Johnson’s need for significant challenges, proposing the idea of unconventional mixed-rules matchup. He praise Johnson’s unparalleled skillset, acknowledging him as the only martial artist in history to secure belts in both the UFC and ONE Championship.

He said: “But, he needs some big challenges, maybe some crazy mixed-rules fight. He’s the only person in the history of martial arts to win belts in the two biggest and most prestigious organizations, UFC and ONE, and do so in such a legendary way.”

“If you look at his skillset, forget about titles, if you just look at his skillset, he has by far the most complete skillset of any martial artist in the history of mankind, you look at his striking, clinch gane, his wrestling, his transitions, his submission grappling game, he is completely well-rounded without any holds, and then you add in his cardio, for me, he’s the GOAT.”