Mikey Musumeci: “Some people need to be told point blank that their hygiene is unacceptable”

Brazilian jiu-jitsu star Mikey Musumeci recently called out some of his fellow BJJ practitioners for having poor hygiene habits. In a video, Musumeci expressed frustration over the lack of cleanliness he has witnessed in BJJ gyms.

“I’ve been to some gyms where guys clearly haven’t showered in days. You can smell them from across the mat,” Musumeci said. “It’s nasty and completely unacceptable.”

Musumeci explained that proper hygiene needs to be a top priority for anyone training BJJ. The constant physical contact and sweat that comes with grappling means cleanliness is extra important.

“We’re rolling around with each other’s sweat and gripping each other’s gis. If someone isn’t clean, it’s incredibly disrespectful to your training partners,” he stated.

The jiu-jitsu phenom called on gym owners to set clear expectations about hygiene. Regularly washing gis, clipping nails, and showering before class should be basic requirements.

“Some people need to be told point blank that their hygiene is unacceptable. It isn’t fair to anyone else at the gym,” Musumeci said.

Musumeci’s complaint about cleanliness echoes a common frustration in the BJJ community. The martial art’s culture generally attracts disciplined, considerate athletes. However, some practitioners still disregard basic courtesy when it comes to arriving clean.

Fans hope Musumeci’s high-profile call out will inspire more jiu-jiteiros to take pride in their hygiene. Keeping training spaces clean shows respect for teammates and helps prevent skin infections. If the goal is growing the sport, addressing poor hygiene is essential.