New Wave juniors compete at Karate Combat grappling with mixed success

Karate Combat Kickback 1, the latest extravaganza from the renowned karate promotion, not only brought captivating karate action but also showcased the inaugural ‘Pit Submission Series,’ featuring three gripping Brazilian jiu-jitsu matches. Among the standout performers was a single John Danaher’s students, Helena Crevar. Meanwhile New Wave’s Luke Grifith and Dan Manasoiu fell short.

Hosted in the opulent backyard of hip-hop mogul Rick Ross on January 26, Karate Combat Kickback 1 lived up to its name, delivering an electrifying blend of karate and submission grappling.

In the ‘Pit Submission Series,’ three highly anticipated matches unfolded, setting the stage for the Karate combat bouts that followed. The matchups featured Luke Griffith vs. Vagner Rocha, Max Gimenis vs. Dan Manasoiu, and Helena Crevar vs. Caitlin Murdock, igniting the crowd’s excitement.

The opening match between Helena Crevar and Caitlin Murdock, contested in an open-weight category, demonstrated Crevar’s composure and strategic prowess. Despite not overpowering Murdock, Crevar maintained control throughout, eventually securing victory with a precision dead orchard submission.

The subsequent bout, a clash of giants in an open-weight category, witnessed Luke Griffith against Vagner Rocha. Griffith’s size advantage was evident, but Rocha’s tenacity and skill made it an intense encounter. Rocha secured the win via decision, showcasing dominance despite the size difference.

The final submission grappling match showcased Max Gimenis facing off against Dan Manasoiu in another open-weight battle. Despite Gimenis’ muscular build, Manasoiu’s towering height of 6’7” added an intriguing dynamic. The match unfolded with intense back-and-forth action, ultimately culminating in Gimenis securing victory via decision after controlling Manasoiu on the ground.

Dan Manasoiu has been an up and comer in New Wave for a while so it will be interesting to see if this loss earns him a demotion from the ‘New Wave’ senior squad.