WATCH: Ultra rare Standing Ezekiel finish in MMA

In a recent Khizri Fight League event in Russia, mixed martial arts enthusiasts witnessed an extraordinary moment as Amirkhan Karakaev executed a standing Ezekiel choke, securing a rare and impressive submission victory.

The Ezekiel choke, a relatively uncommon submission in MMA, becomes even more challenging due to the allowance of striking and the absence of a Gi for grip. Unlike more prevalent techniques like rear-naked chokes or arm triangles, the Ezekiel choke involves wrapping one arm behind and the other in front of the opponent’s neck, applying pressure while restricting their movement.

Khizri Fight League, known for providing a platform for emerging talents in professional MMA, hosted a match where Amirkhan Karakaev showcased his versatile skills. Despite the relative inexperience of the athletes, the event didn’t lack excitement, with some fighters displaying impressive techniques.

Karakaev’s performance in both striking and grappling was dominant from the start. Delivering powerful combinations, he forced his opponent on the defensive. However, Karakaev sought more than striking prowess.

Approaching the end of the first round, Karakaev initiated a clinch against the fence and attempted a standing guillotine choke, though unsuccessfully. Seemingly on the verge of escaping, Karakaev swiftly transitioned to a standing Ezekiel choke, surprising his opponent.

Caught off guard, the opponent struggled against the tight choke, eventually tapping out after a few seconds, granting Karakaev a victory via submission in the first round. The rare success of the standing Ezekiel choke added a unique and memorable element to the Khizri Fight League event.