When a good Samaritan used BJJ to stop man from snatching baby in a stroller

In a remarkable act of bravery, a Good Samaritan intervened to prevent a kidnapping incident in broad daylight at a popular New York City park a while ago. By employing his martial arts expertise, he effectively subdued the would-be kidnapper and ensured the safety of the innocent child.

The incident unfolded at Madison Square Park in Manhattan. Brian Kemsley, accompanied by his girlfriend, witnessed a man attempting to forcefully take a stroller away from a distressed woman.

Despite being asked to release the stroller, the man persistently reached for the baby, causing alarm and panic among those present.

Numerous passersby rushed to assist, urging the man to cease his actions. However, when the perpetrator refused to relent, Brian Kemsley, a skilled martial artist, decided to take matters into his own hands.

He was saying things like, “How do you know it’s her baby, this could be my baby,”‘ Kemsley recalled to PIX11.

Utilizing his jiu-jitsu techniques, he swiftly immobilized the would be perp, expertly pinning him to the ground until law enforcement authorities arrived at the scene. Another compassionate individual aided in restraining the assailant by sitting on his legs, ensuring he remained subdued until help arrived.

Throughout the ordeal, the tension rose as bystanders expressed their concern. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Kemsley tapped into his martial arts prowess, effectively controlling the assailant’s movements.

Captured on video, Kemsley’s remarkable display of skill and composure lasted for approximately 15 minutes, during which he maintained a firm grip on the assailant, neutralizing any potential harm.

Reflecting on the incident, Kemsley shared his insights on social media, emphasizing how his years of dedication to martial arts and jiu-jitsu played a crucial role in his ability to intervene successfully.

He expressed gratitude that his limited jiu-jitsu training from six years ago enabled him to subdue the aggressive man effortlessly, likening his control over the assailant to that of handling a mere infant.

Following the intervention, law enforcement officers promptly arrived at the scene and took custody of the perpetrator, ensuring the safety of all individuals involved. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

‘I took him down and I held him. I pinned him so he couldn’t move…Clearly this guy, we couldn’t just let him go,’ he said.

‘As the situation escalated…it became pretty clear that he had mental issues. Someone else actually came and took him to the hospital,’ he added.

Despite being hailed as a hero by many, Kemsley humbly downplays his actions, highlighting that stepping in to protect a woman and her child is not merely a choice but a moral duty.

His selfless act exemplifies the importance of community vigilance and underscores the significance of being prepared to act swiftly in times of crisis.